Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my health insurance cover your services?

A: Because I am a licensed psychologist, many health insurance plans will help you pay for therapy and other services I offer.  Because health insurance is written by many different companies, I cannot tell you what your plan covers.  Please read your plan's booklet under coverage for "outpatient psychotherapy" or under "treatment of mental and nervous conditions"  (Your employer's benefits office may also be able to tell you what you need to know).

I am a participating provider for Medicare and for Missouri HealthNet (Medicaid)



Q: Are the things we talk about private?

A: I will treat with great care all the information you share with me.  It is your legal right that our sessions and my records about you be kept private.  That is why I ask you to sign a "release of records" form before I can talk about you or send my records about you to anyone else.  In general, I will tell no one what you tell me.  I will not even reveal that you are receiving treatment from me.  In all but a few rare situations, your confidentiality (that is, our privacy) is protected by federal and state laws and by the rules of my profession.  Here are the most common cases in which confidentiality is not protected:

  • Court-ordered evaluations or legal actions that might result in a subpoena of information
  • Serious threats to harm yourself or someone else--I'm required to take actions to protect you or that other person.
  • Suspected child or elderly abuse